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Create a Shutdown Button/Tile

If you want a quick way to shutdown the computer, then why not create a Shutdown tile for the start screen and icon for the desktop view.

First from the Start screen click onto the Desktop tile, then right click on a blank part of the desktop. A menu appears choose, new and then click shortcut.

Creating a shutdown button

Type into the location the following, without the quotes "shutdown.exe -t -s 00"

Shutdown location

Click Next - In the next box type the name for the shortcut, this is how it will appear on the tile or icon, in this case you should type Shutdown

Shutdown icon/tile name

Then click Finish, you should now see a shortcut on the desktop. Next we need to make it look a little better!

Right click on the shortcut and choose properties from the menu that appears.

Change the shutdown  button icon 

On the next box, make sure the shortcut tab is selected and click the change icon button.

Change icon

Click ok for the message that appears as below

Icon message

Select the shutdown icon from the next box and click ok

Select the shutdown icon

Click Ok again.

Right click on the new shutdown icon on the desktop and select Pin to Start from the menu that appears.

Pin shutdown icon to start screen

Change the view to the Start screen and drag the icon to location you would like it be in.

Shutdown tile on start screen




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